AT GPA we maintain customer relations by giving appropriate services , committed delivery of services , automation of accounts receivable and clearing all transaction with each and every customer as well as vendors. At GPA Accounts Receivable Outsourcing becomes a strategic asset when it makes the entire business adaptive.We help to reduce your cost incurred towards maintaining accounts. Accounts receivable department optimizes working capital of business , maintain cash balance with planning and enables healthy relation with supplier or vendor. Managing good cash flow is as key to successful business as efficient cash balance helps in gaining higher profitability We help you with our services in increasing productivity and reduce cost. Our professional team effectively automate your accounts Receivable department, this results in lower processing costs, improved controls, higher service levels and higher business intelligence.

  • Billing Preparation
  • Accounting For Revenue Receivable And Received
  • Issuing Credit Memo And Refund Checks
  • Preparation Of Statements
  • Preparing Accounts Receivable Reports
  • Preparing And Delivering Periodic Statements
  • Managing Documents ( Like Invoices , Vouchers Etc. )
  • Accurate And Timely Vendor Reconciliation
  • Month end Reporting

Business make maximum profit when cash flow is managed effectively , hence its important to manage accounts receivable efficiently. Accounts receivable is current asset of business until its received , its money receivable towards sales completed. Considering size of business , number of clients , terms of sales business need to mange accounts receivable.

Benefits Of

Accounts Receivable Outsourced Bookkeeping

Supped Up Process

By Working With Core Accounting Firm Make Speed-Up The Accounts Receivable Accounting And Accounting Of Funds Received , Balance Due Etc.By Providing Proper Documentation And Audit Trails.

Saving by 40%

Cost of salary incurred on in-house staff along with use of infrastructure cost , space cost etc. makes doing in-house accounting costlier. By outsourcing Account Receivable work make reduction of cost to company.

Fast Vendor Statement Settlement

If longer period is taken to vendor settlement the less money company will have to run business. Working with accounting firm ensures that AR accounting done in due time and keeps fast vendor statement settlement and solving queries of vendor.

Minimize A/R adjustment and Bad Debts

Timely accounting of funds receivable ensures that timely follow ups and reminders to vendors. Keeping accounting on time ensures AR adjustment by minimize any bad debts.

Improve Productivity

You Focus on your core business activities we will take care of back office Accounts Receivable accounting process, vendor reconciliaiton and report you.

Screening Vendors

Companies for doing AR as principal focus work are able to define clear credit period policies to there vendors. This process helps you to understand vendors creditability. By AR outsourced process company can do screening for vendor credits.

Process Flow Of

Work of Outsourced Accounts Receivable Bookkeeping In India

Benefits of

Global Accounting Professionals

Time Benefit

Allows to plan round the clock operations.

Saving by 40%

Allows to plan round the clock operations.

Expert Team

Right Level staff for different requirements.

Pricing Options

Flexible pricing structure designed to meet varied outsourcing needs. Per Hour/ Fixed / Flexible


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