Global Accounting Professionals have State-of-the-art infrastructure with is equipped with Administrative office , Internet , Data Back up, Power Backup. Our Infrastructure is equipped for outsourced bookkeeping services. Our office design in way that having optimum sun light and fresh air to keep work climate environment friendly. We engage best practices and software to assist employees in work. We believe that each business have different requirement of Infrastructure. We take care to fulfil need of our clients and employees. We have dedicated admin person to provide support 24*7.

Network and


We key interest is to provide quality services and keep your data, information secured. For network protection we uses Secured internet services, Firewalls, Pro Antivirus Software’s, Secured VPN, Spam filers. Highest importance is given for date and network security. Our work flow as per SOP , this ensure prevention , detection and quick response. We believe that prevention is the best precaution, so we have included all measures to ensure prevention.

  • Pro Antivirus Software’s
  • Locking of PC
  • Secured VPN Network
  • Machine P 4
  • Lighting control using natural sunlight
  • Power Back Ups
  • Dedicated office server