Bookkeeping To India

Bookkeeping is crucial part of business , where needed reports get generated , tax filing happened , loan to banker etc. For small and medium businesses managing bookkeeping in costly affair due to Salary of employee, Infrastructure cost , training.

We Are Global Accounting Professionals provide offshore(Virtual) bookkeeping services to business and CPA form Australia, USA & UK. Over the years, we have also developed expertise and domain knowledge in select industries such as retail business, logistic, real estate, restaurant, financing , manufacturing etc.We have industry specific bookkeeping solutions for these industry verticals. Outsourcing bookkeeping services to India will reduce your bookkeeping cost by 40 to 55 %.

Why Outsource

Bookkeeping to India

Some Reasons

To Consider Us

  • We offer our services for any number of man hours as desired by you and you can build up your work with us as you feel convenient with our services over a period of time. Some of our clients are small practices who avail of services for as less as 20-25 hours in a month & we are happy to serve them.
  • As you start working with us, you will be able to achieve growth in revenues without need for capital and human resources outlay.
  • Years of outsourcing experience & professional management.
  • Documentation of all processes for best practice.
  • Highly trained staff with excellent communication skills and knowledge of accounting
  • Committed to data security and privacy
  • Review of work done by senior chartered accountants to ensure work quality is delivered.
  • Apart from above our company policy gives utmost importance to time punctuality and completion of work under dead-lines.
What is Bookkeeping

Pricing structure In India ?

Bookkeeping pricing structure in India by Global Accounting Professionals is competitive. Its is having huge skilled manpower resource with experience in work of bookkeeping. To start with bookkeeping we offer Free a trial period offer. Our prices are competitive and helps you to reduce overhead cost by 40 to 55%.our services are within turn around time and quality check and audit support.

What is Saving by

Outsourcing Bookkeeping to India ?

By Outsourcing Bookkeeping To India you can cut down cost of infrastructure ,salary, employee benefit , training. You will have quick access to skilled team with customer support. We officer virtual bookkeeping with flexible pricing options.

  • Saving on Infrastructure
  • Saving on Admin Cost
  • Saving on Employee Salary
  • Saving on Employee Benefit

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